The "new" temporary clinic we are remodeling.

Do you think the Proverbs 31 lady ever found herself in the plumbing aisle of Wal Mart at 9:00 on a Friday night and suddenly remembered she was wearing no make-up and had a ketchup blob on her shirt from eating supper in the car? I didn’t mind looking like a slob at Home Depot half and hour earlier. People wearing sawdust in their hair often shop at Home Depot. Not so much at other stores, though.

I was trying to sneak out through the check-out line without embarssing myself further when someone waved across the aisle. Three lovely young ladies from church came strolling my way, looking freshly combed and fully put together. And do you know what happened next? The girls took one look at my weary-old-self and strolled right out t0 the car with me and hefted my new file cabinet into the back of the van.

After a long-week of “buying fields and planting vineyards”, that simple act of kindness refreshed my soul.

Thank you Savannah, Gabrianna, and Melissa.