I remember when my high school friends and I heard about futuristic telephones with built-in t.v. screens. “That will never happen,” we said. “What if someone called while your hair was in rollers? Or when you were in the bathroom?!”

I also remember the first time my husband and I saw an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation where Wesley was reading his textbook on an electronic tablet. We laughed. “That will never catch on,” we said. ” It’s about as realistic as ‘beam me up, Scottie.'”

Today, life before Apps seems as archaic as using leeches to cure pneumonia.

So, here’s hoping that this time next decade, we’ll be saying, “Man, remember how we used to fight cancer by pumping toxic chemicals into people’s bodies instead of … ?(insert miracle technology here.)

Because I think that’s what technology is. Miraculous. I think all the *witty inventions that make life better here on earth are a direct result of the **speech pouring forth from Heaven day by day.

I think it all originates from God, whether we acknowledge that our not. So, let’s acknowledge it.

* Proverbs 8:12

** Psalm 19:1-3