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Loving the Light

By Kathy NickersonJune 24th, 2013mercy5 Comments



You may not have noticed this, but the world is crazy! I try not to be one of those people who focuses on how rotten things are. But, seriously, the state of things can get to a person. Espionage, taxes, murder, and perversion were all featured on the morning news today before I’d had my breakfast.

So how does an eternal optimist like myself cope with so much ugliness? Well, I’ll tell you. Two things comforted me this week. The first was a paragraph in our little county paper in the “One-hundred Years Ago Today” column. A man had been shot dead by police officers in a neighboring town after murdering someone in our county. When his sister came from out of state to claim his body, she said, “He was crazy. We all prayed someone would stop him before he hurt more people.”

Are you wondering why such a horrible report comforted me? Because it happend 100 years ago, people! The world is dark and crazy right now, but nothing is really all that new under the sun. We’ve been surrounded by Terrible since the day the old serpent entered the Garden. Yet we have survived. And even thrived in many ways.

The second comfort was much nicer. It came from Moses in the Old Testament during a time of plagues in Egypt. God was sending the terror in those days to get the attention of mean, old Pharoah. (I’m not making any correlations with today. I’m just telling you the story.)

One of the plagues was horrible darkness over the land. The Bible says the darkness was so great no one could see anyone else. So, they all stopped moving. They just stood there in the darkness, frozen.

But…But there was light as usual where the people of Israel lived. (Exodus 10:23 NLT).

Isn’t that beautiful? In the midst of the Great Darkness. In the terror of the Horrible Plagues. In a time when nobody could move from the dread. God’s people were still living in the light.

And, we still are. (Take that, nasty plagues.)

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Thirty Days to Glory

By Kathy NickersonJune 16th, 2013slider4 Comments

Coming in October, 2013 from Cross River Media


Catherine Benson longs to do One Great Thing before she dies and Elmer Grigsby hopes to stay seriously drunk until he slips out of the world unnoticed. When their destinies intersect one Tuesday in December, they both discover it is only Thirty Days to Glory.

Against a Christmas backdrop, Catherine searches for purpose while fighting the infirmities of age and the best intentions of her children. She gains support in the battle from her faithful housekeeper and her quirky friends known as the Glory Circle Sisters.

Elmer isn’t supported by anyone, except maybe his cat. When he opens the last whiskey bottle of the month, he knows it is time to shuffle down to the post office and pick up his government check. Somewhere in his fog, Elmer knows he was once a better man. That is why he stays in the fog.

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Back to You and Me

By Kathy NickersonJune 10th, 2013mercy11 Comments


The last of the visiting children and grandchildren went home today. This was such a rare, unexpected treat, having them all in town at one time. Now I’ve begun rolling up the extra quilts and packing away the cots. I’ve sorted the various items left behind and started cleaning the floors littered by twenty-five sets of footprints.  I’m tempted not to clean the spot where they ran in and out the back door all day on Saturday. The mud is a nice reminder of the action.

But, the sound of their voices and the feel of their hugs will linger beyond the mess in the house, of course. So, I shall mop the floor. And I’ll enjoy the sound of silence tonight when I get home from work. I’ll love my uncluttered counters and my treadmill back in the spare room. I’ll revel in a long sleep with no worries about little ones who might need me in the night. And I’ll wake up excited to get their emails and hear about the wonders of their lives in distant cities and far-flung states.

More than anything else, though, I will settle into my chair tonight with a happy sigh and reach out to hold the hand of their grandfather. We’ll smile and say how good it was to see everyone. We’ll remind one another of the cute things the little ones said and of how amazing the pre-teens are. We will say how proud we are of each one of them, unashamed to admit to one another that we think we’ve grown the greatest crop in the world.

And then we will admit how happy we are to be back in our favorite place again. Just the two of us. Together, forever. And liking our life together so much that it is almost easy to let the children go.






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