IMG_2186Some things in life are hard. Learning to ride a tricycle is one of them. All that coordination. The pedals and the steering and the watching where you are going. You push forward on the pedals with your right foot, but your left foot just naturally presses down and tries to pedal backwards. You are totally stuck until your mom comes along and gives you a little push. Then you forget about steering, and you crash into the lilac bush.

But, one day, miraculously, you catch the rhythm of the thing. Your brain simply figures out how to make everything work together at once, and you become Queen of the Sidewalk.

It really is one of the miraculous things about the way God designed us. You can’t ever explain to anyone how you learned to ride a trike. Or balance a spreadsheet. Or sync your cell phone and your tablet. Or love your husband, raise your children, call your mother, and keep your day job. But you did it. And now you rule.

So, whatever you are facing today, just remember this: It’s probably no different than learning to ride a trike. (Just watch out for the lilac bush.)