We writers tend to measure our worth by our audience. How many Facebook followers we have. How many books we sold. How many speaking engagements we have lined up. And, of course, the answer is always, “Never enough.” We are always waiting for the Big Break that will change our statistics.

I used to think that creatives were the only people who thought this way. Writers, painters, musicians. But I imagine accountants wonder sometimes why Wall Street hasn’t noticed the great spread sheet they created. I expect every person who is endeavoring to do something in the world wonders, ever so secretly, why they have not been given an Oscar for their performance.

Here is one of the reasons: We aren’t there yet. Some of us will never get anything like an Oscar. But we will have points of arrival. Points where we say, “Wow, I think I was born to do this.”

And sometimes the waiting feels aimless. We start to feel like the Children of Israel wandering in the desert, going around in circles when we know the Promised Land is just north of us a little ways!

But do you know what the Bible commentator Matthew Henry says about that? (Thanks for pointing this out, Julian)He said God needed to build a relationship with the Israelites before He could take them into their destiny. And, He had to use the desert, because it was the only prayer closet big enough for that many people.

What a perspective! I’m looking around at some things in my life and saying, “Wait a minute. This isn’t a desert. It’s a prayer closet! God is about to get some things done if I will just cooperate a little.”

Who needs an Oscar when you have that?

Okay, I’d still like an Oscar for a screenplay. But you get the point. Now, back to the prayer closet of life.