Hello, Dear Reader.

You may think I hover over my desk every week dreaming up ways to lure you to my website so I can sell you more stuff. Like, you know, books. Here is the more realistic scenario:

I sit in my rocking chair in the corner of our living room before dawn and think, “What would help (insert your name) today?”

It’s true I may not think of each of you by name. But you’d be surprised how many of your faces actually go through my mind as I write. I think about your lives, the struggles I know and the ones I only suspect because we all share the human experience.

And, I pray. That somehow these simple words will reach into your world and make some slight difference. That the act of writing for me and reading for you will help all of us figure things out a bit more and gain the strength we need for the day.

That’s pretty much it. The why of what I do. It’s to help the both of us.  And, if I sell a few books to support my art along the way, that’s a lovely perk.

So, today, I wish you a Merry Little Christmas. And I do pray, fervently, that it won’t take a whole year for your troubles to be far away. (Even thought it’s a beautiful song in one of my favorite movies. )