I have been guilty of asking for extra hours in a day sometimes. We do have precedence for that. God stop the sun once. But, of course, that had something to do with a battle, and the enemies of God, and a hero who had bigger issues than a crowded to-do list.

But today, we actually have extra hours in our year. Leap Year does have something to do with the sun. And, it’s a math word problem. But you have to Google it, because we are not discussing math on our precious extra day!

I wish I had planned a party. Or scheduled a day-trip. Or at least purchased some flowers in honor of the day. I mean, extra hours, people!

Instead, I intend to pay attention to every hour today and be grateful. For the people who share my space. For the work I’ve been allowed to do. For the home I get to come back to later, and the man I get to snuggle on my sofa. And maybe, today will help me remember to be grateful for these things every day of the year. Not just the extra ones.

Happy Extra Day, Dear Reader.

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