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How to Choose an Administrative Assistant

By Kathy NickersonApril 27th, 2016Friendship, mercy, work1 Comment

  1. Grow her up in your own household so she knows exactly how you think and will answer the telephone with your attitude, tone of voice, and ultimate plan to make the world a nicer place.
  2. If this fails because your own daughters have the irrational idea they should live their own lives, seek out some of their friends.
  3. The longer you have known these friends, the better. Start interviewing childhood companions who may have shared such things as matching haircuts, favorite teachers, and a high tolerance for Little Mermaid songs.
  4. Be willing to recruit from a distance. You never know when a friend from Chicago might decide to move to the middle of the Missouri cornfields just to chase your claims and save your life.
  5. Once these Administrative Assistants have been secured, do not take for granted your good fortune. Treat them fairly; reward them for good work; buy them flowers and chocolate; remind them often that they are highly valued.
  6. And, if you forget to do that because they are, after all, like your own daughters, then at least send them an e-card on National Administrative Assistants Day and write something nice about them on your blog.

Thanks, Heather & Leslie! You help me breathe.

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More Advice from My Mother

By Kathy NickersonApril 11th, 2016happy endings, mercy, mercystreetNo Comments


Don’t you feel this way some days? Maybe it isn’t Grandma’s house. Maybe it’s the park.

Or the zoo.

Or the ocean.

Or anywhere except your gloomy office on a Tuesday afternoon.

My mother has an answer for these days. She would say, “Stop wishing you life away.”

I never liked hearing that as a child. Or as a teenager. Or even as an adult, really. But, I knew she was right.

The wishing for another place, another season, even another moment just makes me miss out on the one I’m in right now.

And that is always a waste of something.

Even a gloomy Tuesday can add something lovely to our lives if we let it. Of course, sometimes we have to bring the sunshine ourselves. Which might require a bit of creativity.


So, if you can’t make it to Grandma’s house today, metaphorically speaking, capture the moment instead. Make a decision to find something glorious in this time and place, and stop wishing your life away.

Face paint is optional.


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