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Face Painting for Life

By Kathy NickersonJuly 20th, 2016family, mercy, writing4 Comments


My handsome husband and I have just (mostly) survived a week with fourteen of these adorable little people in our two-bedroom home. Yes, we are crazy. No, we will never do it this way again. Cousins Camp is a tradition we started about fifteen years ago, and we haven’t held it every year. But often enough that the big kids ask for it.

When I asked the campers what their favorite memory would be from this year, Face Painting got the most votes. It even beat out riding a real horse with a real deputy sherrif. Go figure.

Children tend to be pretty me-centered, in case you haven’t noticed. But this crew spent two hours watching everyone else be transformed from regular-ole-cousin into exotic-princess or scary-tiger or whatever. When it was your turn to be painted, the event was really rather boring and torturous. You had to sit perfectly still and stop chatting while the professionals dabbed and drew gunk all over your sweaty face.

Afterwards, everyone took a couple of looks in the mirror and then ran off to play as their chosen character for the afternoon. Violet didn’t have to run back into the house every few minutes and say:

“Wait. Am I really a princess? ‘Cause I can’t see it. I can see Pax is a ninja turtle, but I can’t see that I’m a princess.”

No. She just knew. She accepted her identity because 1.) she had experienced the painting process, 2.) she had caught a glimpse in the mirror, 3.) her cousins all called her a princess.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we grown-ups could so easily accept our own identities? Maybe, if we start trusting the process, the glimpses, and the people around us, we will stop running back to the mirror and saying, “But, wait! Am I really a writer?”

No? Was that just me? Okay, insert your own area of insecurity.

Now go finish up a happy summer with the people you love. Invest in some face paint.

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Welcome to Rose Hill Cottage

By Kathy NickersonJuly 8th, 2016slider1 Comment



Rose Hill Cottage is a lovely place nestled in the Ozark hills a little north of Branson, Missouri. And… I’m ready to hand you the keys, Dear Reader, on July 14th. Of course, the cottage only exists in my imagination and on the pages of my latest novel.

That is also true for Nora Kimble, the grieving author who rents the cottage as a summer escape. Although, like all my characters, Nora is almost as real to me as my own daughters.

She has a bit of trouble through the summer, as you can imagine. Some of it is inside her own soul. Some of it comes from an unexpected house guest who refuses to leave. (You may recognize Bess Caldwell if you have read Thirty Days to Glory. Her children took away the car keys in that book.)

And some of Nora’s trouble comes from her mother, her editor, and various folks in the community who absolutely refuse to let her grieve alone. I shan’t tell you how it all works out, though. You will have to visit the cottage to learn those details. You should be able to find your way. Make a left turn at the convenience store followed by a right at the bait shop. If that doesn’t work for you, try,, or your local independent bookstore. If you happen to run into me in the grocery store, I’ll probably have a key to the cottage in the backseat of my car. We small town folks tend to work that way.

I hope you drop in at Rose Hill Cottage this summer. Be sure to let me know if you enjoy your stay.

Rose Hill Cottage Cover


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Still Choosing

By Kathy NickersonJuly 5th, 2016happy endings, Marriage1 Comment


Happy 65th wedding anniversary this week to my wonderful parents. Life has changed a bit for them in the past few years. The circle of their activity has become smaller, but the sphere of their influence has grown larger as their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren spread out across the country.

We stopped in to see them a few days ago. My mother had gone out to get the biscuits & gravy my dad sometimes likes for breakfast. (Right after she checked Facebook to see what the grandchildren were doing.) I congratulated my dad on the upcoming anniversary. He doesn’t hear so well anymore, and conversations are limited. “Sixty-five years,” I said. “That’s a long time.”

“Yes,” he said. “That’s a lot of nights.”

A lot of nights. Sixty-five years of choosing, every night, to stay faithful to the woman he married for as long as they both shall live. That choosing explains a lot about the contentment in their little apartment. As the circle has grown smaller, the Center has remained the same.

And, it reminded me of the beautiful song our daughter, Charity, and her husband, Ryan, wrote during a recent song-writing challenge called the 5in5. I’m posting it here in honor of my parents and their sixty-five years. And I’m posting it as a reminder to those of us who are coming behind them. Let’s keep choosing.

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Kathy Nickerson

By Kathy NickersonJuly 1st, 2016sliderNo Comments

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