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Oceans Rise, Empires Fall

By Kathy NickersonFebruary 20th, 2017mercyNo Comments

Immigrants getting the job done! These Bible College students from five different nations pulled together for a local performance of The King’s Tapestry recently.It wasn’t Broadway, but it was magnificent.



Today is Presidents Day in the U.S., so I’ve been thinking about George Washington and Abe Lincoln and other men who have shaped our nation, culture, and history. It is a pretty small club. Our little, baby nation has only had 45 presidents. That isn’t many in the whole scope of human history. And, I’m wondering if we might be taking ourselves just a tad bit too seriously right now.

Please don’t get me wrong. I know we are in real trouble as a nation. I know some of us are truly heartbroken about our current leadership. Some of us are scared. I know this is an explosive issue.

But, I also know we are in a tiny slice of history, and much bigger things are at play.

All day long – no, for months, actually – I’ve been hearing the lyrics in my head from King George’s song in the Broadway musical Hamilton. It’s a trippy, little melody that says, “Oceans rise and empires fall, we have seen each other through it all.” Now, disclaimer: Lin-Manuel Miranda wasn’t writing a theological treatise here. I think he was rather genius in his work, but this is Hip-Hop music. The language is street-tough, and some of my readers would cringe to listen. And yet, these words immediately make me think of some other lines:

“It is God alone who judges; it is He who decides who will rise and who will fall”. Psalm 75 NLT

Please, don’t throw your coffee cup at the computer screen, Dear Reader. I’m not making a political statement about the Oval Office or your state’s governor’s mansion or your nation’s despot. I’m making a statement of faith about our destiny.

God decides.

It may not look that way right now. To you, it may look like the evil Empire is winning and Darth Vader has us by the throat. But, I promise you this: Oceans rise, and empires fall. Things change. Here in the States, we have only been around for two-hundred and forty-some years. That isn’t very long in the grand scheme of things. God sometimes took twice that long just to set up the guy He had in mind to get a single job done.

So, let’s be patient. Let’s be kind. Let’s be determined to see one another through it all, no matter what that takes.

Happy Presidents Day.

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Why I Buy My Own Flowers

By Kathy NickersonFebruary 13th, 2017mercyNo Comments


I think I’ve told you this before, and I hope it doesn’t make you think I’ve lost my standing as a hopeless romantic, but, I buy my own flowers for Valentine’s Day. Let me tell you why. First, I hate the pressure this task puts upon my handsome husband of forty-three years. (If you’ve never met him, just imagine the best possible mixture of Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, and the Professor from Narnia. )

Second, I don’t need to be surprised by his love. I know he loves me. We tell one another several times a day. Sometimes we even say it out loud.

I do, however, need flowers scattered about the house (and possibly my office) in February. I need this the same way I need twinkle lights and greenery in December. I want to celebrate the glories of love all month.

When I made this discovery a few years ago, it set us both free. Hurray! I do want flowers, but you don’t have to struggle to figure out which bouquet or how to buy them without me seeing the credit card bill!

Instead, we will go out to supper on Valentine’s Day, probably, and then we’ll swing by a store somewhere and pick out a mixed bouquet or two. Maybe three if they are on desperation sale by then. I will love them just as much as I would have if some nameless delivery boy had dropped them by my office. Probably more. Because we will have laughed together while we bought them. And we will probably grab a quick kiss in the aisle while we are at it.

This, Dear Reader, is one of the benefits of growing old together. You are going to love it.


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