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Happy Sparrow Day

By Kathy NickersonMarch 20th, 2017mercy2 Comments

Happy National Sparrow Day. I know some of you are marking the equinox. Or Spring, as we know it. This is an important season, I will agree. But, we can’t really trust it here in the Midwest. Summer is pretty much reliably hot. We can count on it. And fall is beautiful even on a bad year. (Like this one, when the leaves fell short of glorious.) Winter does occasionally forget to be chilly and allows us to go coatless in December. This is also forgivable.

But a snowstorm in April? Not so much. And you’ve dumped those on us more than once, Miss Spring. You do not play nicely with others sometimes. So, I simply do not trust you. Plus, the tornadoes. Enough said.

So, today, I’m celebrating the lowly sparrow. And do you know why, Dear Reader? Because God does.

Not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. So don’t be afraid; You are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows. Matthew 10:31 NLT

In the Bible, He uses the sparrow to remind us that He cares about that report you have to write today. Or that bill you can’t pay. Or that child who won’t talk about his troubles.

I’m not making light of that. It is one of the most beautiful truths in the Bible and in life. God does pay attention to the details. If you think about it, I expect you can think of a sparrow moment in your life. A time when God took care of something other people might have considered insignificant.

If you think of one, and if you want to party with me, feel free to celebrate National Sparrow Day by telling your story in the comments.

(P.S. Welcome to Spring.)

(P.S.S. This is also Happy Birthday to my novel The Secrety of Serendipity, and, the song “His Eye is on the Sparrow” plays a role in the story. What a coincidence.)


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My Definition of a Good Time

By Kathy NickersonMarch 16th, 2017mercy2 Comments

We ran errands one afternoon this week, which involves a forty-five mile trip to town before we even start the errands. When we finally got home just before bedtime, I pretty much collapsed into my favorite chair. Then I said right out loud, “Thank you, God,  for this comfy chair, and my heating pad, and this glass of iced tea.”

My husband laughed at me, of course, because obviously my bar for a good time is set pretty low.

But then we both smiled, because really, we’re glad about that. I do thank God for the big things in life, too. A daughter who survives cancer. A son who graduates from the police academy. A tornado that misses our town. We all recognize those big things when they happen.

The little things, though, are the ones that help me stay optimistic through the struggles of life. I thanked God for my soft chair and my perfect glass of tea, and I felt that all was right with the world. For the moment, at least.

When the next big thing hits (and it will) all those little things will add up to a security in God that holds me up and carries me through.

So, three cheers for the small, perfect moments. I hope you find one today. And I hope you take time to recognize it.

This was a moment I’m still thanking God for. The release of the Secret of Serendipity one year ago this week. Happy Birthday to us!

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Why I Don’t Want to Kill the Beast

By Kathy NickersonMarch 9th, 2017mercy1 Comment

I’m not sure the live-action Beauty & the Beast can possibly live up to my love for the animated version. I mean, how can you do better than Robby Benson growling his way into liking “the girl”? And as much as I enjoy Emma Thompson, I’m not sure I’ll ever be satisfied with someone other than Angela Lansbury singing about a “Tale as old as time.” (I’ve heard a clip since I started this post. She may have won me.)

Even so, I have been counting down the weeks for the release of this movie. So, you know my despair, Dear Reader, when social media connections everywhere started warning me that to pay my money at the box office would be to support something wicked and nefarious. Something that would despoil our children and steal the very virtue from their lives.

And the more the commentators wrote, the more the words started to remind me of the lyrics from that scene in the original movie where the villagers end up shouting, “Kill the Beast!”

We don’t want to do that. Right?

I don’t know if Lefou really has a thing for Gaston or not. But, I think there is a better way for us to handle that small detail as viewers. (Recent reviews admit it is a small detail, and children probably won’t even catch it.)

But, if our children do pick up on the suggestion, maybe we will get one more opportunity to have that all important conversation about Feelings-And-What-To-Do-With-Them.

And, if Lefou happens to work in the cubicle next to me, and I come back from the theater raving about the beauty of the art and the glory of the message (which is redemption through love) maybe he won’t worry that I’m coming for him with a garden spade and an axe on my lunch hour.

That seems like a good thing. Right?

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