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Why I Check Facebook at Bedtime

By Kathy NickersonApril 29th, 2017mercy1 Comment

I know the rules of good sleep hygiene. They say you should stop viewing screens long before bedtime and switch to books. Something about the blue lights and brain waves. But, Number One: I have no trouble falling asleep. I normally do so before I get the covers pulled all the way up to my chin. And, Number Two: I need to know where my children are. I’ve been programmed that way since my own childhood.

Back in the day, when we only had local news, our channel flashed a notice like the one pictured in this meme every night at 10:00pm. (They didn’t have a cool picture like this, because we didn’t actually have memes in the olden days.)

I suppose it was part of a campaign to fight juvenile delinquency. Maybe it worked, because it certainly stayed with me. More than forty years later, I still think of it most nights when I get ready for bed. That’s why I flip open my laptop for one more visit to all my social media sites.

Instagram tells me that Joe and Paxton worked out today, which means Joe had the day off, so I don’t need to check the police Twitter feed to see what’s happening in Joe’s precinct tonight. 

Facebook shows me Charity’s family at the mall in the venue where she and Ryan are going to sing in a few days. Looks like they had a blast, but the picture is tagged three hours ago, so I figure they are home in bed by now.

On Twitter, I see a conversation between Felicity and Serenity that gives me some insight into their thoughts for the day. Much higher and brighter than my own.

Then it’s back to Instagram one more time because several of the grandchildren hang out there.

Once I’ve made all my rounds and heard from all of the clan, only one more thing to do. I post my own status on Facebook with news from our day.

Because, it’s 10:00pm. My mom will want to know where her kids are, too.

Goodnight, Mama. We’re all tucked in.


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Excuse Me While I Cry a Bit

By Kathy NickersonApril 15th, 2017mercy4 Comments

Easter Sunday is probably the greatest day of celebration on the Christian calendar. And, I even have a new dress this year. It isn’t amazing. But, it’s new. I know our church has some special music planned. We have an invitation out for lunch afterwards. It’s going to be a lovely day.

Even so, I’ve warned everyone who will be in close proximity that I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry. All morning.

This is the first Easter without my dad, the King of the Easter Egg Hunt. He hasn’t actually been well enough to preside over the hunt for several years. But this year, he isn’t sitting in a wheelchair watching the great-grandchildren and trying to figure out who we all are. He is in Heaven. (Where Easter is pretty much a daily event and must be spectacular.)

I know, theologically, that I should be celebrating for him. I’m doing so in my correct, theological heart. But the Bible also says that Jesus wept at Lazarus’ tomb. Jesus KNEW that he was going to destroy death and the grave in just a little while. Yet, He cried real tears when Lazarus died.

Maybe He cried because Mary, Lazarus’ sister, didn’t have enough faith. Some people teach that. But don’t you suppose it is more likely that Jesus wept because He was sorry His friends were suffering? He knew we were not meant to die. God created us to live forever with Him. Death is a detour we were never meant to take.

And that is why Jesus came to earth. To stop death from breaking our hearts. When Jesus raised Lazrus from the dead, He was giving a show & tell about our future. Someday, He will call our names, and those of us who can hear Him will walk out of our graves into eternal life.

Even knowing all that, I still may cry through our Easter service. But I’ll be crying for me and not for my father. Because he isn’t missing out on anything right now. Easter egg hunt on the farm? Pshaw! He is walking streets of gold with the One who paints rainbows in the sky.

Now that is a Happy Easter.

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Another Happily Ever After Begins

By Kathy NickersonApril 5th, 2017mercy4 Comments


This is my beautiful friend, Janice. And, she got married.

My husband, Wendell, and I are always telling each other, “If you die, I’m never getting married again. Just so you know. I’ll stay a happy single person the rest of my life. Because this marriage has been GREAT! But another one at our age would be So. Much. Work. I’ll be fine. You don’t have to worry about me. But, I’m not breaking in another model.”

We say this to each other often. And, we honestly mean it. But, my friend Jan has been single since our daughters were in elementary school together. Those girls have daughters now. Jan and I are grandmothers. That is a lot of years of controling your own television remote.

Yet, Jan decided to get married. Of course, her husband is a dashing southern gentlemen who wooed her with kindness. We all kind of fell in love with him right along with her. But, even so, I am proud of Jan’s ability to leap.

And, I realized that my attitude is probably selfish. Because everyone around Jan and Lee felt the splashover of joy and hope in their relationship. The mystery of Jesus and His Church was there. The picture of dying to self and living for another person was there. The shiver of young love and the security of mature love joined hands at the altar and gave hope to everyone in the room, I think.

So, maybe Wendell and I will just leave the future in God’s hands where it belongs. We might both live to be 120 anyway. Or Jesus might come back before the death-do-us-part of our marriage vows takes place. Right now we will focus on the marriage we are in and do our best to make it the reflection of God’s glory that it is supposed to be.

Maybe we should start with another honeymoon!


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