A Tale of Two Festivals

By Kathy NickersonSeptember 23rd, 2017mercy8 Comments


I know it’s fall, because it is festival time in our area. We celebrate the harvest with things like a Soybean Festival, a Corn Festival, and a Sheep Festival. You can attend the Old Thresher’s Reunion, Farmers Days, or simply The Name-of-My-Town Homecoming.

This might seem like a small town phenomenon. We do these kinds of things quite well. But, this year, I celebrated fall with festivals in both a small town (population 1,112) and a city (population 446,970)

I discovered some interesting things:

High school marching bands are not the Rose Parade. But, they make grandmothers everywhere believe otherwise.

City kids dive for candy just like country kids.

Small town festivals have a coming-home, reunion feel. City festivals have a nice-to-meet-you, let’s-build-a-community feel. Both give me hope for our nation.

Both festivals had street vendors and food trucks. Pretty much the same. Both had local eateries in the neighborhood for families who wanted to sit down in air conditioning.

The small town spots, however, could not say that Warren Buffet and Sir Paul McCartney had once dropped into their place for ice cream. I did have to give some points to the city simply for atmosphere.

However, after walking the length of the city streets and back again, we did make one astonishing discovering that caused Dundee Days to drop into second place behind the CornFest despite its Beatles cool factor. There was an astonishing lack of funnel cakes.

Happy autumn, Dear Reader! May all your harvests be festive!




  1. Lori Forbis says:

    We just had Founders Weekend. Temecula has been a city since the Spanish got here in the 1700s. There are still families here from that time! Next week the Pumpkin Festival starts. It lasts through Oct 31 and is held at a 200 year old family farm outside of town. It’s nice to have a big city festival and a small town festival all in the same city!

  2. Kathy says:

    That is way cool, Lori!

  3. Joseph Howell says:


    Didn’t know you had a blog! Thanks for sharing the signature Nickerson flair for painting word pictures.

  4. Serenity says:

    Oh dear. No funnel cakes makes me sad.

  5. Carol York says:

    Dundee Days didn’t have me and my brother making you laugh with our alike-ness either. LOL

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