A Life Hack from Billy Graham

By Kathy NickersonFebruary 26th, 2018mercyNo Comments


Even in his death, Billy Graham has elevated the national conversation. It was refreshing to turn on the news last week and hear stories of love and sacrifice instead of political shouting. I felt as if Mr. Graham had given us one, final blessing. Then, I realized he will continue to bless us for generations.

I am one of countless people who have been influenced by the writings of both Billy and Ruth Graham. And, last week, I read something that will probably change my life again. In this interview, Mr. Graham mentioned that he liked to keep an open Bible lying around. At home, at work, in a hotel room. That way, when he passed by, he might pause and read a bit.

The idea captured me. My life is chopped up with running two businesses, writing books, keeping house, loving people, running errands, serving in our church and community. You know, all the normal stuff.

What if I kept an open Bible lying around so I could stop and read for a moment in any of those places? 

Already, this practice has revived me. The Bible pictured here is right beside our refrigerator. Do you know how many times a day I pause at the refrigerator? Now, every time, I also read a phrase from the Psalms. And those words stay in my mind and my soul. I also keep my Bible open on the desk at work. And I’m looking around for other places to plant one.

Of course, I’m almost ashamed of the fact that we have so many Bibles when Christians around the world are starving for them. But, I’m going to focus right now on putting the ones we have to good use. Just the sight of one calms me. Settles me. Gives me hope in this turbulent world.

Want to join me in this adventure? If so, let me know how it’s going. Where did you put your open Bible?

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