Thanks to the original builders for creating this home with love and care. We promise to be good stewards.

Thanks to Tim, Chris, and the crew for this dreamy kitchen update.












I am so over construction dust. And unpacking boxes. And construction dust. Did I mention the dust? Our grandson, Jake, explained this is why Chip and Joanna don’t let the owners see the house until it is finished. Yes. That might have been smart.

We started out like all innocent homeowners. “Let’s just do a little updating,” we said. “Maybe paint the cabinets and change the carpet in one small bedroom.”

Then, Tim-our-tool-man, stepped into the kitchen. He looked around the room like a sculptor with a chisel. “Have you ever thought about …?” And so it began.

Although I grow impatient on a weekly (okay, daily) basis, I know the finished project will be wonderful. And, I know the finished project will never be actually finished. That is the other thing about buying an older home. There is always one more project to do. One more thing to tweak and make the place better in so many ways.

Our new/old house is much like our forty-five-year marriage. The bones are good. The foundation is firm. But, it is sometimes in need of a little tweaking. Fortunately, the tweaking is much easier after all these years together.

When we were starry-eyed teenagers in love, Wendell told me that he was convinced marriage could get better and better with age. We made that our goal from the first day. And, we have mostly succeeded. We try to follow the excellent advice of Jewel the Unicorn in The Last Battle by C.S.Lewis: Every day, we attempt to come further up and further in.

So, of course, we are buying a Narnian lampost for our new back yard.