Possible Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the recent movie, “Yesterday”, I don’t think I’m giving away any spoilers. However, if you are dying to see it and just haven’t gone yet, bookmark this post. Then come back after you see the movie, and email me so we can chat. I’m dying to talk about it.

The concept of the movie is in the trailer. Some world-wide electronic glitch happens, and suddenly all the Beatles music disappears. The Beatles are gone. Well, not quite. They live on in the memory of one struggling musician. He remembers every word of “Yesterday,” “Hey Jude,” and all the others. Interesting things start to happen in his life. Honestly, the movie is a little quirky and there is some language, so you might want to review it before taking your entire family.

Anyway, in a world where the Beatles are missing, things are different. You’ll learn about that through the movie. One pivotal scene sucker-punched me so hard, I ugly cried. In fact, I thought about it for days, and I still kind of want to climb on rooftops and shout about it.

Something was definitely missing from the world without the Fab Four. And, yet … .  It reminded me that we are waiting for a day just like that. Someday, Jesus will return to earth and “make all things new.” Some things we think we couldn’t live without (like, I don’t know, Netflix) may be gone. In its place, though, we will have unexpected wonders. (I’m not saying Netflix is evil and should go. I’m saying we may be telepathic in the new Earth and can watch stories unfold in 3-D right in front of our eyes just by sitting near the author. I am pretty sure Story will exist forever.)

I’m still impacted by Yesterday. Every time the world gets noisy or the bad guys seem to win, I remind myself: Tomorrow, everything will be new. And right. And perfect. I can wait a little longer.

Just Imagine.