Human beings are hard-wired for touching one another.

According to science, touch is the first of our senses to develop. Plus, the human touch releases a feel-good hormone in our brain. That is why a good snuggle at the end of a long day can wash away all the stress for a while.

So, here we are in a pandemic where touch is forbidden. If you are fortunate enough to live with people you love, please keep touching one another. As long as everyone is healthy. And assuming you are all washing your hands with warm, soapy water in between hug sessions.

What happens to people who live alone right now?

They suffer. There isn’t an easy way to say it. People living on their own right now are suffering from a lack of human contact. The lack of touch could be keeping them alive, and that is a good thing. But they probably also need more support right now. More phone calls. More emails. More cards and letters in the mail. More video chats.

Technology can be challenging for some of us mature folks. But it is worth the effort to get your grandmother on her computer. I read about a Zoom family reunion recently. One of the elderly aunties couldn’t get her microphone on, so she typed in the chat box that she was sure enjoying this interactive family quilt.

What a great description. She took a cold, electronic gadget and turned it into something warm and loving. Maybe that is the next best thing to touch.