I know I am privileged beyond measure for many reasons. I hope I don’t take any of that for granted, nor that I squander it or fail to use it to make the world a better place. Today, I’m reminded of what a privilege I have in the father department. Fathers are such a fundamental building block in our lives, and I am so privileged by the ones in my life. My father, grandfathers, father-in-law, fathers-in-the-faith, fathers-of-our-grandchildren, and most of all, the father of my children. Such a guy.

Here is a little advice for those of you who haven’t married yet. Besides the primary trait of being a man of God, here are some qualities you want in the future father of your children:

Willing to dress in matching outfits so nobody gets lost at the zoo.

Able to make everyone laugh without resorting to Dad jokes.

Eager to celebrate every victory.

Takes each generation through Wardrobe doors they couldn’t have managed on their own.


Models servanthood.


Still willing to dress alike …