How Cousins Camp looked this year

How Cousins Camp should look.










The picture on your left is what Cousins Camp should look like at our house. A mass of grandchildren and assorted relatives bunking together at our place for several days each summer. Of course, we can’t do that this year. Thanks, Corona Virus.

Instead, Cousins Camp looked like the picture on your right.

A daily Zoom meeting. We stared at one another a lot. And laughed a lot. And told stories about previous camp weeks, including the year we had more than 30 people staying overnight in our two-bedroom house. Yeah, good times.

One thing that hasn’t changed about camp is that we keep adding cousins. Meghan brought a husband last year. (They only stayed for supper.) And the youngest cousin couldn’t come since she was only 48 hours old.

This year, cousin #16 missed camp by about a week, and we had to welcome him from afar. But, we are making plans. Covid-19 can’t last forever. And Cousins Camp will return in all its exhausting glory. The babies should both be big enough to come by then. (Insert smiley face.)

We are making the best of things!