July is National Ice Cream Month. That is the kind of news we need right now, people. And, this isn’t one of those made-up-by-the-calendar-company holidays. Although, I celebrate most of those, too. This one was officially sanctioned by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Bless him.

I’m not sure about the Presidential agenda for that decree. Maybe he really did just want to celebrate something so many of us love. Maybe 1984 needed a lift after several years of economic disaster and more than one international hostage situation. Despite the reason, one of the benefits was a boost for the dairy industry. That was certainly good news.

So, let’s celebrate. I would prefer a bowl of ice cold vanilla straight from the churn. Made with fresh milk from the farmer up the road. Chunks of melting rock salt clinging to the lid as my mom opens it up for the first bite.

I will settle for some Neapolitan from the grocery store aisle. Or maybe a soft-serve cone from the local convenience store. If you decide to join me, lift your confection into the air for a moment and imagine that we are clinking our dishes and saying, “cheers” to one another in a colorful ice cream parlor somewhere.

Here’s to celebrating the sweet stuff. And the small stuff. And the stuff that we took for granted this time last year.