It is tempting to kick 2020 out the door with a “Good riddance.” But I do want to hold onto a few things. Like these:

This View

I’m keeping some Christmas trees in place. They still make me smile every time I glance up from my desk. Light against the darkness. Hope in the midst of struggle. All the comfy things. And, I suspect we will still need that help in the new year.







I would always rather snuggle the grandchildren without being masked. But, moments like these are better than nothing. I plan to be grateful for every, single, one.




Daily Gratitude

My hubs wears double uniforms and fights on the front lines in multiple ways in our little county. I am so grateful God has brought him safely through this year, and I’m trusting for 2021. Each time I hear him pull the truck into the garage at the end of a day I feel grateful all over again. We aren’t taking one another for granted this year. Every day is a gift. And a pleasure.