Some days are hard to slog through. Days of quarantine. Days of homeschool. Days of teething babies. Days of grief. The list goes on. When I am faced with days like that, I hear this phrase in my head, “Just do the next right thing.”

Yes, this is a Disney princess song. But I’ve heard it many times in several settings. It is great advice. Sometimes, the next right thing is a nap. Or food. Or a nice, long drink of good water. A cuppa, perhaps. (I prefer hot chocolate, but tea or coffee will do.)

Other times, the next right thing is folding that load of laundry. Filling out that spreadsheet, or making the dreaded phone call. Sometimes the next right thing is to open your app and read the scripture of the day between baby feedings. Or taking an entire hour to read, sing, pray, and write.

One day this week, the next right thing was driving to the zoo an hour before closing just to visit the sea lions. (The ducks and geese were a bonus.)

Always, always, always the next right thing includes being kind to other people. And loving. And kind. Did I say kind?

So, whatever you are facing in this moment, don’t try to fix it all. Just figure out the next right thing. Do it. And repeat.

Blessings to you!