It is still Covid-crazy in our part of the world. My husband and I are about to make a big transition. It is dark when we wake up every morning, and today it is -4 degrees. Here are some things that are helping me get through, not in order of importance:

My Spot – 

I’ve had a spot in every place we ever lived. It changes with each move, but I always have a chair and a corner that are almost magical. This is the place where I read, pray, rest, write, think, listen, and sometimes nap. The moment I sink in, I feel my body, mind, and soul relax. I don’t have to stay long. A few minutes will revive me for the next task. And it doesn’t have to be fancy. My current spot is a chair we bought for my mother-in-law about twenty years ago. I don’t like the fabric, and it is a bit lumpy. But it is perfect. I hope you have a spot, too.

My People – 

We aren’t spending much time together face-to-face these days, so God bless the folks who invented all things electronic. Screens have saved the day. Our daughters check in on the Marco Polo app. Our son and daughter-in-law put the babies on Facetime. We text the grandteens, and I call my mother. Other friends and family members email or chat on social media with us. I’ve been doing a daily video on Facebook just to stay in touch with friends and family. It’s helping me more than it helps any viewers, I’m sure. These people lift me and keep me going. I hope you have people, too.

My Routine – 

Morning prayer, evening snuggles, breakfast made in exactly the same rhythm ever day. How I fold laundry, when I fetch the mail, how I suds up in the shower. I do most of my life by routine. I don’t feel bored, though. I feel soothed. Those routines actually free me to give thought and energy to other things. If I don’t have to work my brain to decide whether I have eggs or cereal, I can daydream while I dish it up.

My God –

The Maker of Heaven and Earth bends low to live inside me. Unfathomable. He is the true answer to all my questions. And I keep asking questions these days. Mostly from my spot. And often about my people. He always answers. Not in an audible voice, and certainly not always the way I expect or want. But, He never, ever leaves me alone.

I pray that’s true for you.

Let’s keep helping one another get through.