“With all my worldly goods I Thee endow.”

Back in the day, that phrase was part of the exchange of rings and vows in a wedding ceremony. I don’t think people say it much anymore. It has been on my mind as Wendell and I sort through an accumulation of stuff before our retirement move to another state. We are both letting go of things. We hope to carry into our new life only what we can pack into our car, pickup, and hunting trailer. (The trailer will be full. Just saying.)

We mostly agree, so far, on what should stay and what should go. It is a soul-searching process, and the tea cart is a good example. I first saw it at the local hardware store in our town back in the days before Wal-Mart existed. I thought it was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen. It would be years before I realized it was actually a bar cart with places to hold wine bottles and such. It is still a tea cart to me.

I’ve moved it to four homes, even though it never fit the space or decor anywhere except that first house.

This time, I’m letting it go. Wendell reminds me we can take all the memories with us. This cart reminds me of the Bible College students who pooled their small stashes of cash to buy me the cart for Christmas. And of the daughter who collapsed in tears at her grandparents’ house when she realized she hadn’t collected enough to cover sales tax. And, of the Grandpa who dug into his pocket and said, “I’ll pay the tax.”

I will remember those kind souls as long as memory endures. I don’t need the cart collecting dust to remind me. So, it goes into the auction. Which is a whole other story of humility and release. But, that’s for another day. For now, “Thank you tea cart, for your years of service as a Christmas tree stand, among other things. And thank you students for your generosity, Serenity for your brilliant idea, and Grandpa Nickerson for your kindness.”

Amen and Amen