Today, I told our granddaughter, Langley, that Gramps and I have to go pick up 61 boxes of flooring and then get them unloaded into our new house. She is an exceptionally wise three-year-old and is always looking for ways to help. I told her the boxes would be too heavy for her to carry.

She pointed her little finger and gave me a solemn brown-eyed promise. “I will hold your bracelet for you. And your necklace. I can hold them.”

Thank you, Langley.

We may not always be able to carry someone’s burden. To ease their pain completely. To help with the hard stuff people face in life. But, we can usually do something. Hold the bracelet. Bake the brownies. Send the card. Nod and smile. Share the silence.

Wherever you are today, whatever you are doing, I hope someone is taking care of you the way Langley is taking care of me. Let’s share the blessing.