Other Places I Write

I write a couple of local, weekly columns plus magazine and online articles here and there. The following links highlight a few samples.

A shout out to our cyber-support group during chemo published in Proto Magazine under a pen name.

Baring my soul (and my husband’s) on Kyria.com here.

Our journey with addiction for Proto Magazine, published by Massachusettes General Hospital. Archived Here

Love is a Flame, compiled by James Stuart Bell, published by Bethany House. The book is available on Amazon, and my story starts on page 229.

Praying Together, edited by James Stuart Bell, published by Guidepost Books. Also available at Amazon.


Shelby County Herald – a weekly column of Heartland Happenings. Just local news from our community, but it generates lots of feedback from folks in the grocery store . You need to subscribe to read our news, but you can check out other info on their website.

The Macon County Home Press – a weekly column of Heartland Headlines. More local news from our community for the surrounding area. You can read this entire paper online at their website.

Heartland Community Church Рa brief essay on the front page of the church bulletin each week. Again, nothing worthy of a Pulitzer, but people frequently comment on how something helped them. I also write much of the content for our community website.