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Even When I’m Old …

By Kathy NickersonAugust 30th, 2018mercyNo Comments

My hubs with his sappy mama a few years ago.


Several years ago, I tagged along one day when my doctor-husband made rounds at the community nursing home. Things were pretty normal, and slightly unsettling, as they always are when one encounters advanced age and infirmity. In one room, a sweet saint greeted us from the bed where she spent her nights and days.

“Doc,” she said, “Why am I still here? I’ve asked the Lord and asked the Lord to take me home. I’m no good to anybody. I can’t do a thing but lay here.”

My wise husband looked around the sparse room and then out the window. School buses were pulling up across the street at the local high school. “Well,” he said to his patient, “you can still pray, can’t you?”

She could.

“Some of those kids probably don’t have anyone else praying for them. Maybe that’s why you’re still here.”

His response became a seed in my imagination. The seed eventually sprouted into a book series called The Glory Circle Sisters. The church ladies in these books are well-described in this portion of the psalms.

“They will still yield fruit in old age; They shall be full of sap and very green.” Psalm 92:14

I’ve made it my goal since then to lead a sappy life. To lay up more treasures in Heaven than on earth. And to tell stories that encourage the sap in readers. The first book in the Glory Circle series is currently getting a face-lift in the form of a new cover. Watch for that reveal in a few days. Then, coming in October is Book #4, The Marvel House, which features the very sappy Madge Dupree.

On this Labor Day weekend, we will celebrate the contributions of workers to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. (According to the US Labor Dept..) Let’s also celebrate the contributions of those who labor from more restricted life circumstances. Let’s remember the saints who pray.

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A Back-to-School Blunder

By Kathy NickersonAugust 14th, 2018mercyNo Comments

Once upon a time, my husband and I made a serious mistake. We told our elementary school daughters that we would never again move until after they graduated from high school. We made that foolish promise one July. By May we were packing boxes. *sigh*

Our little girls had attended five schools in five years. I know how awful that sounds, but we weren’t vagabonds. The final years of Wendell’s medical training just happened to coincide with the first years of their education. Training required lots of moving.

Serenity took this final move the hardest. She is an August baby, so she had started kindergarten at the tender edge of her fifth year. (Our state has since rolled back enrollment to summer birthdays. Wise move.) Fifth grade had been emotionally difficult for her. She told us the work was not too hard, but she simply didn’t feel like a fifth-grader. The struggle lasted most of the year, and I often regret that we didn’t pull her out for a year of home-schooling.

Instead, we moved again. #ParentFail #NewJob #ManyTears

Early in the new school year, Serenity climbed to the top of something called “the spider” on the playground. An ornery little boy reached up and stole her shoe. He refused to give it back for several, irritating minutes.

So, do you know what Serenity did?

She married him.

Well, ten years later, after lots of middle-school and teenaged angst. But, I’m pretty sure she loved him from that day forward.

(That will teach a boy to steal a shoe. Now he has to buy them for her.)

And what did I do to help Felicity and Serenity cope? I started writing a book about a little girl whose parents uprooted the family to follow a dream. The Secret of Serendipity ended up being my third novel. Much like Michael and Serenity’s romance, it needed time to grow. The book was finally released when we had granddaughters entering middle school.

If you know a girl struggling with change this school year, maybe The Secret of Serendipity could help. I know your prayers will.



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Life Between Two Glasses

By Kathy NickersonAugust 6th, 2018mercy2 Comments


I am definitely a glass-half-full kinda lady. In fact, I’ve been known to go fetch more iced tea if the glass appears to be dropping below the line. I can almost always find a reason to be happy or hopeful, even in hard times. A few things do ripple my daily optimism, though.

Seasons of transition are the worst. We once heard a preacher describe it this way:

Transition is like being the water that someone is pouring from one glass to another. 

Oh, yeah, Brother. I get that. You are up at the top of the arc being all cool and clear. You know exactly how it felt in the glass you left, and you have hope for how it will feel in the glass on the other side. But, right now, you are just hanging up here in the air. Anything could happen.

My hubs and I are the water between a few glasses these days. That happens when you reach a certain age. Our favorite doctor retired. So did our ophthalmologist. The restaurant next door is closing. Medicare is just around the corner. Rural medicine is changing faster than we can absorb, and our staff is changing with it.

So, what is the quivering water to do? I’ll tell you:

Be still and know that I am God. 

The Bible may not be a source of answers and solace for you. (Feel free to email me if it isn’t. I’d love to chat.) For me, the Bible truly is the living, breathing, eternal Word of God. When I recall those eight, small words, everything settles into place. It doesn’t matter how long the pouring lasts, I know we will be safe. Even if we splash a bit, things will work out in the end.

Because, He holds both glasses in His hands.

And, He is good.


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