I might have to put up my Christmas tree next week. Yes. In October. I just read a sensible article about making a count-down calendar of “things to do before the holidays” to create a stress-free season. Following the author’s guidelines, I should be making pans of sage stuffing and yeasty rolls this week to pop into my freezer for The Big Day.

Since I’ve never made either of those things, and I’m not expecting guests for Christmas dinner, I opted for making my own list. It included things like finishing the move at our office, digging out the presents I bought after Christmas last year, updating the websites I edit, attending various grandchildren’s football games or dance recitals, and writing five book p roposals before the writer’s conference I plan to attend in two weeks.

Each of these events is subject, of course, to the impending birth of Grandchild #11. At any moment, I may dash out the door with my suitcase in hand. Even then, chances are good I won’t arrive in Omaha before this baby appears. I certainly plan to introduce myself sometime in the first few hours, though.

The baby isn’t actually due until after Thanksgiving. But, babies tend to set their own schedules with no regard whatsoever to our count-down lists or holiday agendas. And as much as I hate to rush past any holiday in order to reach the next one, the sage stuffing in the freezer makes a lot of sense this year.

Maybe I’ll put up the tree but not plug in the lights…