Does the world feel a little less wobbly to you today? Well, it certainly should. I spent thirty-six hours with my daughters this weekend, and we pretty much solved all the problems of the world in that space of time. At least, that is how it always feels after we’ve had a good talk.

Thinking about the details of a move to a new city with four children and no jobs? We can offer you a million scenarios to solve that.

Want to know how to launch your music/writing/teaching/speaking career and still be home with your children by 3:00? We can help with that.

Concerned about the state of the Church in the world or the state of the world in general? We know The Answer.

Chin hairs, church wars, checkbooks, and children. We covered it all.

And we came home from our time together challenged, refreshed, comforted, and encouraged. The world in general may not really be more stable today. But as for me and my house and the houses related to me, we feel much better now, thank you very much.

Monday morning? Bring it on!

(p.s. We missed you, Rochelle)