Disney castle

When dreams start coming true, life can get scary. You know, Cinderella dreamed all her life about dancing with the handsome prince at the ball. But when the pumpkin coach pulled up at the steps, she must have trembled in her glass slippers for just a moment.

Every year for the past twelve, we’ve been thinking that we might get a new clinic building. We’ve dreamed every inch of that place multiple times. And now, we are walking through the rooms. Paint is on most of the walls. Tile covers the exam room floors. The shape of the future is becoming very clear.

And, it is awesome in the literal sense of the word. We are in awe of the huge responsibility that comes with managing this dream. Of filling the rooms with equipment, furniture, and people who have lives, families, and needs. Not to mention eternal souls!

The dream is about to involve tremendous amounts of time, effort, and energy. And, we can’t wait! We tremble like Cinderella in her coach, but we also know destiny waits just beyond the double doors. (I’m sure my husband will appreciate being compared to a fairy tale. That’s what happens when you marry a writer.)

Which brings me to the other dream. The one where I sign a contract for a second novel with CrossRiver Media. Oh, yeah. That one is happening, too. Stay tuned, Dear Reader. Because both dreams are going to whirl us around the dance floor. You’re invited to come along.