Many motivational speakers/writers/salespeople will tell you systems are the secret to success. And, I love that. I have a system for just about everything in life including the order in which I wash my body in the shower. (Too much information?) What’s more, I learned that particular system from a novel! (Cheaper by the Dozen)

But, sometimes, systems fail us. Right now, our clinic is in the disorienting transition of a physical move. Nothing blows a system faster than realizing half your tools are in a box somewhere. The distraction that comes from this massive move – how many trash cans do we need for six exam rooms and four offices, and did I order all of them at the best price? – has rattled all my systems. Did I put on moisturizer before I brushed my teeth? Have I written my newspaper column for this week? Did anyone feed the dog?

So, what do we do when our systems fail us? We hang on, of course. To Jesus, first of all. He is still our Rock and our Peace. Stopping in the middle of the chaos to whisper a prayer or sing a bit of a song can quiet every storm.

And we hang onto one another. People are more important than any system in the world. When your system or your world fails, try these fixes: Rock a baby. Hug a friend. Kiss your husband. Call your mother.

Times like this will pass. But relationships with God and with one another are eternal. They will sustain us long after our silly little systems have crumbled into dust. I’m going to go kiss my husband now. Then I need to order more thrash cans.