Blue camper

What do you think of the Tiny House movement? I must admit I’m intrigued by these ultra-small houses-on-wheels. Some of them are more luxurious than the average vacation condo. Others are a bit too rustic for my taste. They are all quite creative with space and storage.

Of course, tiny houses are nothing new. My in-laws had one back in the seventies. They called it a camper, and they lived in it nine months at a time, all over the country.

I admit tiny houses feed into my yearning for a simple life. I’m a sucker for any magazine or website that offers “creative storage solutions.” Or articles on “how to organize your life forever.” It is the same drive that leads me to the purse aisle every time I visit a store. I’m always convinced I will eventually find the perfect bag with just the right amount of pockets in exactly the right configuration to hold only the items I must have at my fingertips on any given day.

I don’t think my husband and I will be moving into a tiny house, though. We already downsized from a two-story, five-bedroom with a veranda to a two-bedroom home in a four-plex.

It took me about ten years to accept the fact that I don’t have enough space for everyone to come home for Christmas. But I do love the simplicity of living with less. And every few months I go on a purge and lessen us just a bit more. (Does that sentence even work?)

Which makes me wonder what is drawing so many of us to this lifestyle of tiny houses and limited wardrobes. I do have a theory, of course. Maybe, what we are really craving with these clean lines and clear spaces is something spiritual. Maybe, what we really want to do is unclutter our souls.

That’s a movement I could get into.