Serendipity Summer - Cover

Once Upon a Time, I read an advice column that said if I wrote 250 words per day, I could finish a short novel in one year. So, I did. I can still remember the light coming through the bedroom window and falling on the desk where I sat when I started that project. And, I remember the children, who inspired much of the story, running in and out of the room in the afternoons.

A few other things came along in the decades that followed, and I tucked the story away. The children grew. Other books were published. Then the children married and had children. I puttered with the little novel now and then. One day, when I was thinking of my seven granddaughters, I pulled out the manuscript made up of many days of words. I wondered if it still held a story. Since it is nearly impossible for a writer to judge such things on her own, I shipped it off to a publisher and said, “Do you think this is a story?”

And the publisher said, “Indeed! All it lacks is a gorgeous cover and some lovely drawings on the inside.”

So, we searched until we found the perfect artist to supply those things. And now, today, the story is almost ready to be told. Here is the gorgeous cover. (Our marvelous illustrator’s name shall appear on the final version. Thank you, Vanita.)

If you wait only a few more weeks, you can hold it in your hand and read it yourself. And then, you can tell me, Dear Reader, if you think it is true that you can actually write a book by writing only 250 words a day.

And then re-writing them for the next thirty years.


P.S. You may pre-order a copy at CrossRiver Media

Or, you could plan to drop in at our garden party in March and pick up a copy in person. Email me if you want us to save you a seat.