This is How We Welcome Fall

By Kathy NickersonSeptember 20th, 2017mercy2 Comments




Not by hanging from a tree. Though, you are welcome to do so if you wish. But, I prefer the Mike Herron method of celbrating autumn.

Mike visited us here in the Midwest several years ago. I think he might have been living in Texas at the time. Maybe the Northwest. Mike is an amazingly talented guy. A worship leaders’ worship leader. This year, he took one of his original songs and recorded it with the Czech Symphony recording Orchestra in Prague. Yes, Prague.

Plus, he is pretty much personal friends with the Pope. I’m not making that up. And, he isn’t Catholic.

I tell you all that not to puff him up or make him a big deal. I tell you that to let you know that Mike Herron could have reasons to be puffed up, but, he has perspective. On that trip to the Midwest a few years ago, another one of our friends took him for a drive. We don’t have a lot of tourist attractions out here in farm country, but we do have trees. And, for about two weeks in the fall, they are gorgeous.

Yet, I’d never appreciated them the way Mike did. Every time the car approached a particularly beautiful tree, Mike broke into applause. He clapped and clapped and clapped. For a tree. It couldn’t make music. Couldn’t even take a bow. But, Mike clapped.

I didn’t even see this happen. I only heard about it after the fact. But, I ‘ve been so impressed by the concept. The master musician clapping for the golden tree, whose leaves were simply dying. But with spectacular grace.

Someday, the Bible tells us, all the trees of the field will clap their hands. I’m not sure when it will happen. Maybe in the time of the New Earth, when Jesus has set all things right and we finally live the way God intended all along. But, until then, I think we should clap for the trees. And for the Maker who gives them a little of His glory in the fall.

Thanks for the lesson, Mike.

  1. Serenity says:

    This kinda makes me miss that house and definitely those little boys! I love this Mike Herron story though. I shall be applauding this fall for sure.

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