I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: We need a new cabinet-level position in the United States: National Mama. She could start by sending all party leaders to their rooms with no supper – and NO electronic devices – until they decide to behave like decent people and speak with civility.

Mama would have no favorites. She would have no political affiliation and would be beholden to no party, organization, or lobby. Except Hobby. After-Christmas purchases might be allowed.

She would treat all the Supreme Court justices the same. And, when it came time to pick a new one, she would make people take turns asking questions. No fighting, no biting, and no shouting allowed. Name-callers would taste the soap. No matter how big their britches. She would get to the truth of the matter, too. You know mamas have that supernatural sense. They know when you are lying.

If any political leaders were caught bad-mouthing one another on national television or the World Wide Web, Mama would call them into her office. She would ask Fox News and CNN to come as witnesses. Then she would make the offenders stand in the middle of the room and put their noses together until they both said, “sorry.” Once that was done, she’d bring the reporters to the middle of the room.

Mama would understand that hard decisions must be made. That nobody can please everybody all the time. She would recognize that sometimes people have to go to war in order to bring peace. That some folks are just plain mean and must be stopped. That evil really does exist. That is why Mama would have a prayer closet.


I’m not tossing my hat into that ring, in case you wondered. But, I do have a prayer closet. And, I figure that’s a good start.