Happy spring from some of the fruits of our children’s labors.

A woman in labor hits a stage called transition. For me, two things generally happened at that point. I decided to go home and do this thing another day. And, something supernatural kicked in to stop me from leaving. Sort of like motherhood anesthesia. I still felt pain that I thought I might not survive, but I also felt a sort of out-of-body experience where my brain seemed to disconnect from the reality for a few minutes.

Note to expectant mothers: We were into “natural birth” in those hippie days. Only wimps asked for the epidural, which was not covered by insurance and had to be paid for by cash up front. Please do not follow my example. Medicine is our friend.

Anyway, the coming of spring always coincides with the birthdays of our eldest daughter and our only son. Yes, that makes them special. Just like being the youngest child and being the middle daughter makes the other two special. I do like you best. Apply as needed. 

So, I’m thinking about births this week, and I am experiencing a life transition that resembles labor. Closing a business, renovating a home, packing and moving, finding a new normal. This will be a long labor since it will take a few months, so here are a few of my best tips for surviving transition:

  1. Remember this phase will pass. No transition lasts forever. Even the ones that seem to take an extra-long time.
  2. Hold onto something familiar as long as you can. – Your husband’s hand, your favorite chair, the ritual of morning coffee, the verse of a song you sing over and over in your head.
  3. Stay connected to God. Pray as you paint. Center down for a few minutes before you load the boxes. Repeat a psalm as you breathe.
  4. Imagine the future. Who will this child grow up to become? Who will be the first guests in our finished home?
  5. Give thanks. For life. For love. For new beginnings and resurrection power.

Happy Spring. Happy change. Happy birthdays, Joe and Felic.