Novel #4 – Book#5

Do you know how many novels are published in the United States each year? A lot. Maybe as many as one million, depending on which report you read. That statistic can make a struggling author decide to give up. Why bother? The same thing is probably true of golfers trying to make the pro circuit. Or singers still doing open mic nights around town instead of recording in Nashville. The stats differ, but the temptation to give up is the same.






This is Grandson #6 Grandchild#12

I remember when our first grandchild was about to be born. He was grandchild #1 for us, and we were over the moon. We knew, according to statistics, that he could easily be the six-billionth person in the world. Six billion. That’s a lot of people. Amazing people. They cure disease, rule nations, preach the gospel, write great songs, make award-winning movies, and win superbowls. Among other things.

I am forever grateful that this set of parents didn’t say, “Why make any more people? The world is full of them, and the shelves are crowded. Let’s just do something else with our lives.” Instead, they understood that no other person in the world would be like this one. And, we needed him.

So, write on, Dear Reader. Or paint, or dance, or bake, or sing. Fix tractors, raise gardens, get degrees, play ball. Make babies. We can never, ever have enough of the good things.

(Grandchild #16 is coming this summer!)