Some of my loves

Here are some things I miss during this Covid-19 shut-down. Not in order of importance, or the alphabet, or union rules. Just scattered. Like my brain in isolation.

I Miss Haircuts.

This photo was taken a couple of years ago when I had just stepped outside from a fresh cut. I miss the soothing atmosphere of this salon. I miss the unbelievable peace that flows from my skull to my toes during a shampoo. I miss the conversations, the laughter, and the friendship of all the folks in the room.

I Miss People who Live Far Away.

The day this picture was taken, our wonderful David had dashed into town and surprised me at the salon. I’m sure my stylist had a moment when David grabbed me up and planted a holy kiss. I mean, my stylist has met my husband. We didn’t go into all the shared history in that moment. We simply explained that he is ours and we are his. Forever. And now he and lots of people we love are so far away that Covid-19 restrictions keep us from making trips.

I Miss Lunch.

A couple of hours before this photo, I had been at lunch with the delightful Serenity Bohon, also pictured here. We had an almost standing date for mother/daughter meals on Tuesdays. We hugged, we laughed, we discussed our art, and we mostly solved all the problems of the world over Teriyaki chicken and strawberry-poppy seed salad. I can still see her through a car window from six-feet away. It is not the same.

We shall persevere, of course. We are a resilient lot, and we find ways to connect through the miracle of technology. But I look forward to a day when touch and travel can be restored. And salon days. Dear God, bring on the salon days!

What do you miss?