(Photo credit to Serenity Bohon, who is probably homesick for these little boys who are now mostly men.)

I love Autumn. But sometimes it makes me feel a bit homesick.

In the midst of all the coziness, I get lonesome for my childhood home. For the family that gathered in at the end of every day and for the beautiful hills that surrounded us. On other days I miss the big house with the wrap-around porch where my husband and I brought up our own brood. I’d like to see the big maple tree in the driveway and hear the commotion of teenagers coming through the back door for supper.

Mostly, though, I think autumn makes me homesick for a place I’ve never been.

It stirs a longing for the new Heaven and the new Earth. For that day when every tear shall be wiped away and every member of God’s family will be gathered in forever. Maybe fall sweaters, spicy candles, and crackling fires foreshadow the deep contentment that will come with Glory.

So, let fall burst in upon us.

I shall wrap myself in the warm fuzzies and snuggle up with happy memories. I shall revel in every day as the season changes. And I shall look forward to the future – here on earth and later in Heaven. Most of all, I shall remind myself of this wonderful statement of faith from Moses, a man of God:

“Oh, God, through all the generations, You have been our home.” Psalm 90:1


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