Our three-year-old granddaughter saw a framed photo of my husband and me this week. “Oh,” she said, “It’s Sheriff Grandpa and Princess Grandma.”

Neither of us is wearing the appropriate attire for those titles. The only time she’s seen Gramps in his Deputy Sheriff uniform was almost two years ago when we celebrated her daddy becoming a police sergeant. And, although I often feel like I’m wearing a tiara, she’s never seen one on my head.

I don’t know where these titles came from in her little mind, but they fit. Grandpa is a retired doctor and deputy who still makes it his daily habit to protect and serve people. And, who wouldn’t want to be a Princess Grandma? She read my soul, I think.

The moment reminded me how often we fail to see and name people with their best selves in mind.

No one is ordinary.

Every person is a priceless, eternal soul. A magnificent creation. A miracle beyond imagining.

I’m determined to pay more attention and to name people appropriately. Have a great day, Gracious Reader.