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My Books

The Secret of Serendipity

Serendipity is a delicious word. Do you know what it means? More importantly, do you have it? Kara Jane…

The Marvel House

In her seventy-fifth autumn, Madge DuPree blusters into the Marvel House like a crotchety Mary Poppins… 

30 Days to Glory

This is the story of Catherine Benson who longs to do One Great Thing before she dies and Elmer Grigsby who…

Rose Hill Cottage

After the death of her young husband, best-selling novelist Nora Kimble escapes New York for a summer…

About Me

Kathy Nickerson

I am loving my new home in Nebraska, where I live with my handsome husband of fifty years. We are the parents of four children who grew up to become our best friends and who have given us seventeen grandchildren, so far. My eternal optimism comes from my mother, The Nicest Woman on Earth, and from a deep faith in the God who made Light to shine from darkness.

My articles have appeared in several magazines and my books are available at Amazon.com, from this website, or by contacting me for a book event. Sign up for my email list so we can stay in touch.

It’s Okay to Change a Tradition

I love a good Norman Rockwell setting, and I am all about the holidays. But, I also like things simple. And quiet. And peaceful. So, I have changed up our traditions quite a lot through the years. And you can, too! The weight is on my generation right now. We are the...

Never Underestimate the Lunch Line

Never Underestimate the Lunch Line

About a dozen years ago, I attended a writers's conference in Kansas City. One day I stood in the lunch line with a nice lady, and we discussed the weather. Heavy rain and flooding, if I remember correctly. Somewhere along the way, she mentioned being an acquisitions...

It’s Not Quite Hobby Lobby

When I walk through the front door of a Hobby Lobby, I suddenly want to live inside the store. Or, at least transport major sections to my own living quarters so I can have the same delicious feel. But, I learned long ago that even if I carted home twenty-five boxes...