My husband likes to keep me safe. So, he often points out little tips when we are out and about. One of my favorites is this:

While driving, always make sure you can see the rear tires of the car in front of you. Especially at a stoplight.

There are a few reasons for this. The most obvious is it keeps me from rear-ending someone. Less obvious is that it gives me room to navigate. If the guy in front of me has an engine failure, I can check for a clear lane and pull around him. Or, worst case scenario, if a rumble is going down, I can pull across the median and get the heck outta there!

Let’s apply this advice to our Tips for ’24, shall we? Room to navigate:

In our days – I like to leave some space on the calendar, some hours that are not dedicated to anything. I always fill them, of course. But since they aren’t blocked in with appointments or tasks, I can use them for whatever comes up, including a nap. Or lunch with friends. Or a spontaneous visit from the grands.

In our families – I don’t want to preach on this, but how many after-school activities does one kid need? What if her favorite great-aunt from Nebraska drops in for an unexpected visit? She will want to be free sometime that week to go for ice cream!

In our careers – Maybe you love your job. You plan to stay till retirement. Or, maybe you see the road ahead could look a little different. Unless you are a pro-athlete earning millions of dollars, don’t lock yourself into a long-term contract that doesn’t have a farewell clause. Work as if you will be in this job forever. But keep some space for change.

The list can go on and on, of course. Feel free to apply it wherever it fits for you. And, keep your eyes on the car ahead. Sudden stops happen.