A holiday devoted to math. What an idea. Plus, it is celebrated on Albert Einstein’s birthday. March 14th is significant in the life of Pi. If you want to understand it more, here is an interesting link. Everything you need to know about Pi Day

If you would rather just have an excuse to eat pie, please join me and about a zillion other people in raising a slice of your favorite. (Unlike Pi, Zillion is not a real number. In case you wondered.)

Pie always reminds me of one of my favorite fictional characters, of course. The Pie Lady of Hopewell Township. You can meet her in my novel, The Secret of Serendipity. Like most of my characters, The Pie Lady is so real to me that I rather expected her to drop off a strawberry rhubarb today in honor of the day.

Instead, I bought this southern buttermilk pie at the store. It tastes much better than it sounded to my long-suffering husband. He eats whatever I put on the table, and he accepts my tendency to treat my fictional characters like extended family members. He often asks about Madge, or Elmer, or whoever is starring in the current work-in-progress.

One other thought – this book tucks nicely into an Easter basket for your favorite middle-grade reader or her grandmother. Available at Amazon.com or from the back seat of my car. Feel free to ask if you see me around town.

Happy Pie Day!