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Our part of the world has been in a drought this year and probably a year or two before. Which is amazing since we had historic flooding in 2019. The weather is like that. It changes.

Life is like that, too. Somedays we are riding high like a surfer at the beach. On other days, we are swept down a storm drain, whirled through the sewers, and thrown against the metal grating at the outlet to the river. (True story in our city today. Firemen to the rescue. Prayers for the injured worker.)

Sometimes, surfing and storming happen (metaphorically) in one day. Or one hour. So, I’m wondering today, how are you doing, Dear Reader? Sometimes it helps just to tell someone. Feel free to comment and let us know. We probably can’t send the fire department to rescue you, but we can say a prayer and give you a word of encouragement. Right, friends? We can do that?

So, how are you doing today?

(Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash)